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Student Employment (SECE)

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Recently Advertised Student Job Opportunities

Lab Job Openings (SECE)

Position: Biology Laboratory Assistant (Summer)
Duties: Prepare stock solutions and set up equipment in the classroom following the set of guidelines. Inventory chemicals and chemical waste as needed.
SECE Job Number: 131782

Position: Glassware washer/lab assistant
Duties: Collect, autoclave, and either discard or clean all materials used in the microbiology teaching laboratories including bacterial cultures, glassware, various disposable items, and anything else used by the laboratories.. Prepare various items for re-use by operating a glassware washer, etc., and by returning all reusable items to proper place of storage. Clean glassware generated by the preparation of media and reagents. Restock laboratory classroom supplies per supervisor's instructions. Maintain classroom and equipment as directed by the supervisor. At the end of the semester, clean up the classrooms per supervisor's instructions. At the beginning of every semester, check to see that all laboratory classrooms are ready for use.
SECE Job Number: 45818


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