It’s no secret companies everywhere are trying to find innovative ways to leverage data. There is one big problem, though:

There are not enough data professionals to meet the growing demand, which means hiring quality candidates is highly competitive.

That’s where TDI comes in. With any of our training programs, you’ll be one of the top candidates businesses are desperately looking to hire.

You might be asking yourself, “That sounds great and all, but what sets TDI apart from other training opportunities?”

Not to humble-brag, but we’ve heard our programs are the best for several reasons, like: -They're intensive, but not unmanageable. You’ll learn the key data-focused skills you need during our intensive, hands-on curriculum taught by experienced instructors who eat, drink and sleep data. -They're thorough—really, really thorough. Each module of our programs focuses on a different data-driven approach or tool. In addition to lectures and hands-on practice, you’ll be assigned mini-projects to test your skills and help you feel prepared for the business world. -They're collaborative. As a student, you’ll not only work with peers and instructors, but also network and connect with hiring partners to get a leg up before you even finish the program. -They're career-focused. You’ll get the chance to present your best self by attending our career search workshops and partner with the #1 resume writing company to get yourself a polished resume and cover letter. -They're interactive. Students are provided a Jupyter server for the duration of the course, so you can follow along in the lecture and see or edit the raw code that’s being run. You’ll receive immediate feedback via our interactive grader to see how you’ve progressed.

Application dates for the next cohort:
Early decision application deadline (for Data Science & Data Engineering only): October 8, 2021
Regular application deadline: November 6, 2021
Classes start on January 10, 2022

We highly encourage you to apply by the early decision date. We view applications on a first-come, first-served basis, and the sooner you get yours in, the better chance you have of moving forward.