Johns Hopkins University will be hosting two Question & Answer Sessions, one September 23, 7:00 AM EST and one October 14, 11:00 AM EST. This is an opportunity for prospective students to meet and chat with the faculty, to learn about the program, the Department, the University, students living at Hopkins, living in Baltimore and to ask questions they have.

The mission of the Graduate Program in Biological Chemistry is to guide and nurture the training and development of young scientists to independent careers.

The Graduate Program in Biological Chemistry offers training in the molecular mechanisms underlying a wide variety of biologic processes including nuclear structure & gene regulation, miRNA biogenesis & function, signaling, lipid metabolism & enzymology, exosome biology, cell polarity & migration, bacterial cell biology & cell division, immunology, host-pathogen interactions, pain & inflammation, stress responses, glycobiology, neurobiology, cancer, metabolism & bioenergetics, and proteomics and metabolomics. In addition to its scientific diversity, the Department, and University campus wide, is a very collegial and highly interactive community. As a consequence, most of our faculty engage in collaborations within the Department, between Departments and across Schools, including the Johns Hopkins Hospital, which broadens the perspective of graduate students’ research.

Students can sign up for here for the Q&A session.

Students are encouraged to APPLY! The deadline for submission is December 15, 2021. Detailed instructions to navigate the School of Medicine Application Portal for the Biological Chemistry Graduate Program can be found here

In addition, please find links to our Departmental and Biological Chemistry Graduate Program website.

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