A Hawaiʻi Rare Plant Genetics Workshop Series is beginning this fall!
The goals of the workshop are to better understand how the latest molecular research, especially in the field of genomics, can benefit the ongoing challenges we face in plant conservation in Hawaiʻi, and to determine when and how to incorporate molecular techniques into species recovery and management. We would like to discuss and identify what particular techniques and methods are most appropriate for a variety of questions and challenges we face regularly as we work to prevent species extinctions. In the end, we hope to develop a decision tree for when and how best to utilize molecular techniques in plant conservation practices in Hawaiʻi, as well as a prioritization scheme that allows us to prioritize resources to fund and carry out the highest priority research.

The workshop will kick off on Oct 25th-26th, with presentations about the workshop series and background information about the concepts and molecular work to be evaluated, as well as introductions from many of the participants who will be presenting examples of challenges in the field and lab. The following dates will focus on two general topics, identifying species (Nov 1st – Dec 6th) and reintroduction design (Jan 10th – Feb 14th). The concluding final meeting on March 7th will focus on what guidelines we can develop to summarize the key findings from the discussions.

All are welcome to any or all the meetings and there is no need to register ahead of time. Meetings will be recorded and made available. If you have any questions or would like to provide any feedback about the content and format of this workshop series, please reach out to lauren_weisenberger@fws.gov.