To be considered for nomination, a student must: · Have a minimum of one semester and no more than
two years of undergraduate study remaining. · Be pursuing a bachelor’s degree on a full-time basis*. · Have an average GPA > 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. · Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. · Have a demonstrated interest in a research career in
the natural sciences, mathematics, or engineering. · Be nominated by his or her college or university via
the official online nomination application.

Colleges and universities nominate students for Goldwater Scholarships. See your Goldwater Scholarship Campus Representative for more information.

First Tuesday in September through 5:00 p.m., CT on the last Friday in January. Internal campus deadlines will be earlier. Contact your Goldwater Campus Representative as early
as possible.

Talk to your campus representative today!
Professor David Haymer (dhaymer@hawaii.edu)

Important Deadlines:
09/07/2021 Application website opens (https://goldwater.scholarsapply.org)
10/22/2021 Pre-applications due
10/31/2021 Date by which students will be notified by Campus Representative as to whether full applications are invited
12/17/2021 Full applications (including transcripts and letters of recommendation) due to

Nominations for the Goldwater Scholarship will be selected by a UH committee from the pool
of invited applications and submitted to the Goldwater Scholarship Foundation by their
requested deadline (January 29, 2022). Winners will be announced the last Friday in March 0f 2022.