Evercast Ventures has a unique Internship/ Fellowship opportunity for anyone interested in expanding their skillset and work experience in graphic design, video production, front end design, UI/UX, App Development, or digital marketing.

They are developing an application called Evercast - A social story network where people can share their life stories, preserve their memories, and leave a legacy (by creating your own Video Avatar!)

Everyone has a story- what's yours? This app will have a massive impact on our aging generation of baby boomers as they will have a place to share their epic life stories and memories, and will create a culture of storytelling and preservation of wisdom for anyone who has a story to share.

They are extremely passionate about preserving the wisdom of our living ancestors and we are in the process of teaming up with local Hawaiian organizations to capture Indigenous Hawaiian and Natives who have a compelling story to share.

If you are a passionate, creative, and self-directed designer/ creator - please reach out!

This is also an opportunity to get in on the ground level of a technology that (they think) has the potential to be a unicorn in the AI/NLP sector.

If you are interested in building your resume, getting work experience, and taking a real role on their team, we will be offering interns a leadership role to those who qualify.

Additionally, upon completion you will receive a letter of recommendation on your linkedin. This is an unpaid internship until our company gets funded, however this is an opportunity to get in on the ground level of a groundbreaking company, and if you help them grow, you will grow with it!

You can reach out to them directly by emailing your LinkedIn profile and/or resume to Jonathan@evercast.life.