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If you have having difficulty registering for a course, you may need to request permission for an override to get that course.

Please select the department from the list below that you would like to request an override from. For example, if you are trying to register for BIOL 171, you will click on “School of Life Science Courses,” or if you are trying to register for CHEM 272, you will click on “Chemistry Courses.”

  • School of Life Sciences Courses
    (Biology, Botany, Microbiology, Molecular Cell Biology, Zoology)
    Please read the information below before requesting an override for a School of Life Science course.

    Click link below to access form. This form may only be used for overrides for core Biology classes. BIOL 101/L, BIOL 171/L, BIOL 172/L, BIOL 265/L, BIOL 275/L, BIOL 375/L, ZOOL 101/L, MICR 130/140L, MICR 351/L)
    And only for the following types of override requests:
    - To repeat a course for which the grade of C-, D, or F was awarded (error code: repeat count exceeds 0).
    - To drop or withdraw from a lecture or laboratory section in which both are co or pre-requisites.
    - For non-life science majors majors requesting an override to take only the lecture for a specific course that has a laboratory co-requisite (ex. engineering).

    Most requests are processed within three days. Please contact if your request takes longer or if the withdrawal deadline is less than 3 days away.

    For all other courses or types of override requests, contact the instructor of record for the course.

    Please click button below to access the School of Life Sciences override request form.

    School of Life Sciences Override Request Form
  • Chemistry Courses
    Please read before requesting overrides for Chemistry (CHEM) courses.

    The Chemistry department does not process overrides for BIOC courses. To request an override for a Biochemistry (BIOC) course, please contact the instructor of record for the specific course directly.

    Most requests are processed within two (2) business days at which point your will be emailed. Please contact via email if it takes longer than two business days.

    Students need an override to register for any course in the second session (e.g 162 and 162L) when taking a prerequisite courses in the first session (eg. 161 and 161L). Complete the form below and request a “SUMMER ONLY: Concurrent Registration” override.

    Note: students who do not pass the first lecture or lab (Chem 161/161L or 272/272L), will need to drop their second session classes (Chem 162/162L or 273/273L).

    Student taking prerequisite classes at a non-UH institution over summer can request an override to register for fall. Complete the form below requesting the “FALL ONLY: I am currently enrolled in a prerequisite course at another institution” override. You must provide the school, course number, and a URL link to the course description. You will need to provide evidence of a passing grade (C not C-) before fall semester starts.
  • Information & Computer Science Courses

    To request a repeat or prerequisite override, for an Information & Computer Sciences (ICS) course, contact Gerald Lau.

    If you need a prerequisite or capacity override for an Information & Computer Sciences (ICS) course, please contact the instructor of record for the course.

  • Mathematics Courses
    To request an override for a Mathematics (MATH) course, visit Keller 419, e-mail, or call (808) 956-4679.

    Have the following information ready:

    • UH ID Number
    • First and last name
    • Major or intended major
    • Which MATH course do you want to register for?
    • What is the specific error message you are receiving when you try to register?
  • Physics Courses
    To make a request for PHYS (Physics) course overrides, email using your email address and provide the following information:

    • Subject Line: Indicate the semester or session that you are referring to, i.e., Summer 1, 2017; Summer 2, 2017; Fall 2017; Spring 2018, etc.; and, also, the course(s) that you are interested in (i.e., PHYS 151/L, etc).
    • In the body of the email: Indicate the error message that appears when you try to enroll for the course.
    • Student Level: Are you a graduate or second degree or undergraduate student?
    • NSE Students: Please attach a copy of your official transcript or unofficial transcript in pdf.


We provide academic advising services to all undergraduate students in the College of Natural Sciences at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

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