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Upcoming Events

ICS Project Day

The UH Information and Computer Sciences Department is excited to invite you to the ICS Project Day on Thursday, December 7th, 2023 at 12:00 PM (HST) in the Campus Center Ballroom! From posters highlighting technical feats to dazzling dance performances, it's a day to honor innovation and talent. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with departmental students and faculty, industry professionals, and defense sector representatives.

ICS Grad-Day

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) cordially invites you to Grad Day on December 7, 2023 from 5:00 - 7:00 pm (HST) in ICSpace (POST 318B)! As the semester comes to a close, celebrate your accomplishments! There will be food, games, and gifts for graduating students.

"Career for Physics Degree Holders" Talk

Join Chad Kishimoto, a professor at the University of San Diego, for his talk about careers for physics degree holders! Physics degree holders are highly employable in both the private and public sectors. This talk will provide an overview of career paths and career resources for exploring and applying for jobs! This will take place on December 4, 2023 (time and location TBA).

Alice Ball "Black Grad" Ceremony

Named in celebration of Alice Ball, the first African American woman to earn a Master's degree from the University of Hawaiʻi in 1915, the Department of Ethnic Studies and the Office of Student Equity, Excellence, and Diversity will be holding a "Black Grad" Ceremony on Friday, December 15 from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

Free Startup Consultations from Seasoned Experts

PACE is pleased to connect the UH community with a network of seasoned experts through the PACE Professional-in-Residence program. Students, faculty and staff who are seeking startup advice and guidance are invited to schedule a 30-minute, in-person appointment with these professionals with background in marketing, finance, general business and law.


We provide academic advising services to all undergraduate students in the College of Natural Sciences at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

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