UH Mānoa Math Boot Camps


The UH Mānoa Department of Mathematics conducts these intensive non-credit courses in the summer for students who want to review the algebra and trigonometry concepts covered in the math placement exam. Students will strengthen their math skills through short lectures, group work,and practice problems using a Web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. All Math Boot Camp students may take/re-take the math placement exam independently from the date of their last attempt!
These courses are for students who:

  • want to review math concepts prior to taking the math placement exam
  • already took the math placement exam but want to place higher on the exam by reviewing and taking the placement exam again
  • passed the placement exam but want to bridge their high school and college math courses with a review

There are two registration options:

2020 Boot Camp for Math 140 (Wednesday - Friday)

For: Students who plan to register for Math 140 (Precalculus)
Dates: Cost: Room:

2020 Boot Camp for Math 241 (Wednesday - Friday and Monday - Wednesday)

For: Students who plan to register for Math 241 (Calculus)
Dates: Cost: Room:

Note: These courses are designed for students who have covered the material in previous courses and want to review and practice the concepts before taking the placement exam.

Students are responsible for bringing their own laptop, iPad, tablet, or Chromebook each day for use in this course

For information on the concepts covered on the placement exam: http://math.hawaii.edu/placement

Contact office@math.hawaii.edu

Math Boot Camp is a non-credit course sponsored by the Department of Mathematics, Outreach College, and the College of Natural Sciences.

This program exceeded my expectation! Although this program is just a refresher course – one that assumes students have already learned the material- there were a lot of concepts that I didn’t learn/understand before that. This program was able to teach me in 3-6 days!
MathBootCamp student
I feel more comfortable with my math skills
MathBootCamp student
I would still recommend this program to students who placed well on the placement exam because the instructor does a great job at strengthening your fundamental skills and making sure you understand the concept and aren’t just memorizing formulas
MathBootCamp student
The program exceeded my expectation because it really did help a lot. I feel more confident.
MathBootCamp student