LocationBilger Addition, Room 209
(Connected to Bilger Hall)

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CHEM 131

CHEM 161

CHEM 162

CHEM 272

CHEM 273

ICS - limited hours

ICS 111

ICS 211

MATH 134

MATH 140

MATH 161

MATH 203

MATH 215

MATH 241

MATH 242

MATH 243

MATH 251 A

MATH 252 A

PHYS 100

PHYS 151

PHYS 152

PHYS 170

PHYS 272

PHYS 274

Student Assistance

The College of Natural Sciences Learning Emporium is a one-stop resource center for introductory study in the fields of mathematics, chemistry, information & computer sciences, and physics. We encourage students to study and complete their class assignments in the Emporium, where assistance is readily available.

The Learning Emporium is staffed by undergraduate and graduate tutors and volunteer faculty. As a student, you can join our community of learners and engage in conversations to strengthen your knowledge and understanding of the material covered in the your classes.

Student's Comments

The Learning Emporium provided a good environment for studying, less formal than libraries but with academic context imposed, and with peer and tutor support.

"This has been a great resource to have during my freshman and sophomore year. I have officially completed all the classes that they offer tutoring for, so sadly I won't be returning. It's a great place!"

"XXX is an awesome tutor. He helped me understand concepts. And he would never just give us the answer he really made me think. And as a result I became better and more confident in solving problems :) and I excelled and enjoy courses I thought would be the end of me."

"The Learning Emporium was so valuable for me and many of my peers. Those who excelled in classes usually came to the emporium regularly. I know my grades and understanding would have not been nearly as good without the emporium! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!"

Confirming topics covered in class that were a bit unclear as well as how to solve problems associated with it.

“Awesome test prep!”

“Excellent place to study. Great lighting. Comfy chairs. Made use of white boards. Thank you! Better than the library.”

“Provided a good environment for studying, less formal than libraries but with academic context imposed, and with peer and tutor support.”

The tutors were willing to help and super helpful. I liked that I could ask them specific questions and they could explain in detail concepts/questions that I had. I really appreciated their help!

“Help practicing problems and help understanding what mistakes I was making.”

“People studying the same subject matter.”

“Assistance with challenging homework assignments and test prep.”

“Gain strategies and to get help on homework.”

“A place to study, especially if in groups.”