Fiscal Forms

File NameFile TypeForm No.
Cash Receipt Transmittal Form (RCUH)XLSRCUH CR-1
Certificate of Academic Activity for Foreign VisitorsPDFFMIS-45
Determination of Cost or Price ReasonablenessPDFForm 95
Document Tracking Log (*created 12/02/11*)PDF.
Employee Travel Form (rev. 05/01)PDFDISB-4
Equipment Component MemoPDF.
Excise Tax Waiver Request FormPDFAttach. R
General Confidentiality NoticePDFUH92
Interdepartmental OrderPDFKFS-30
KFS Security FormPDFFSO-40
Non-Employee InvoicePDFNE-INV
Per Diem/M&IE/Lodging Tax Calculation WorksheetXLSDISB-4C
Personal Automobile Mileage VoucherPDFDISB-33
Procurement Checklist - RCUHPDF.
Procurement Checklist - UHPDF.
Receipt Summary WorksheetPDFDISB-4D
Relocation Allowance for W-2 Reporting of Moving ExpensePDFDISB-17A
Relocation Allowance StatementPDFDISB-17B
Request for Authorization to Purchase Outside the University Contract or State Procurement Price ListPDFOPRPM Form 96
Sole Brand Justification (rev. 07/2012)PDFOPRPM Form 144
Sole Source Justification (rev. 07/2012)PDFForm 65
Special Check DistributionPDFFMIS-37
Stop Payment/Cancellation RequestPDFGALC-625
Statement of Citizenship & Federal Tax StatusPDFWH-1
Student Fellowship/Traineeship/Stipend PaymentPDFDISB-36
Temporary Account Delegation Form (created: 10/18/12)PDF.
TimesheetXLSForm 23
UH Foundation Transmittal of Contributions - FormXLSDP04
UH Foundation Transmittal of Contributions - InstructionsPDF.
UH Foundation Transmittal of Non-Cash Gifts - FormXLSDP014
UH Foundation Transmittal of Non-Cash Gifts - InstructionsPDF.
Wire Transfer FormPDF.