On Wednesday, August 15, the College of Natural Sciences (CNS) held their annual Welcome Day event at Paradise Palms. This event is held during the Week of Welcome prior to the first week of classes for all incoming freshman and UH transfer students. Students and their families are encouraged to attend this free event sponsored by CNS. Over 375 students from Hawaiʻi, Guam, Europe, South Korea, Japan, and all over the rest of the United States RSVP’d to this afternoon event which allowed students and their families to meet other CNS students, staff, and faculty.
Students began the afternoon participating in Human BINGO to get to know one another. They were asked to find other students and faculty who fulfilled attributes such as living on campus, being scuba certified, planning on going to medical school, or knowing the first six digits of pi. Students who submitted a Blackout BINGO card and were present at the end of the event were eligible to win prizes in our raffle. Students could win CNS swag, Pearson textbooks or outdoor recreation activities like surfing lessons from Student Recreation Services. CNS student Tracy Pham “enjoyed participating in the Welcome Day Bingo because she got to meet other students who were in the same major as her, as well as those who had the same interests as her."
Our CNS Student Ambassadors then took charge to lead students on a Scavenger Hunt around the campus. Students used clues to learn about our campus resources, in addition to gaining a better understanding of the campus layout as a whole. A CNS Biochemistry Senior and Student Ambassador, Emily Dooms, stated that “as a Student Ambassador, I was thrilled to be apart of the incoming students’ introduction to our campus, and I loved watching them become engaged and excited about the campus I love so dearly.” During this time, parents attended a Q&A session where they heard from representatives from financial aid, housing, student health services, and public safety. Max Lee, a new addition to the CNS advising staff (and study abroad representative), spoke about various study abroad opportunities available to students. “I was thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive response I received from students and parents alike,” he said. “I hope to see CNS majors apply for a program during their college career,” he added. Attendees also met faculty members who will be working with their children while they are CNS students.
In addition to these events, peer advisors and students from all of our CNS related Registered Independent Organizations (RIOs) were on hand to talk with students about the different programs available to them. Among the RIOs in attendance were Botany Society, Chemistry Club, Society of Physics, and Association for Computing Machinery. Manoa Peer Advisor Elizabeth Baker said it best, "Welcome Day is a wonderful opportunity to meet the students in a fun, relaxed environment before the semester begins. As MPAs, it gives us the chance to relate to the students on a peer-to-peer level, allowing for future advising appointments to be more open and comfortable."